About Thinkbucket

ThinkbucketThinkbucket began life in 1999 and was born out of the frustration of founder, Jonny McEwen, that within the peacebuilding world, art was used only when it was raining and tended to be characterised by cliché. After seeing his umpteenth papier-mâché mask and fused Irish and British flags he decided to do something about this. What was needed was a creative thinktank. That term was too big though. Something a little smaller was needed.  Something to draw out and carry ideas – a thinkbucket.

Gathering around him a team of artists, musicians, writers, creative thinkers, and people in the wrong job, together we explored ways of sharing new approaches and resources for community relations work which were freely shared online. We tried to act as a catalyst for creative thinking and to meet a clearly identified need from practitioners for innovative and effective resources through which emerging and existing issues could be explored.

The Thinkbucket team, or Thinbucketeers, specialised in contributing a creative element to conferences and were commissioned by organisations to help them develop new ideas for looking at old problems. It was clear that because was a playful element to the way in which a subject was being explored, people often shared more and were therefore more engaged than if it had been approached in a more serious manner. It wasn’t about dismissing the importance of serious conversation but an acknowledgement that such approaches were often the only ones available. There was room for both.

In many different areas of life the role of the arts, creativity and playfulness are becoming increasingly recognised as not something to be dismissed lightly or marginalised. Within the world of peacebuilding their importance and value is developing. Thinkbucket helped pioneer work in this area and building on that, our main focus is to now explore and share creative approaches to peacebuilding from around the world and in so doing act as a catalyst for creativity in others.

Take the ideas we share. Adapt them to your work. Share with us ideas you come across and help us to bring fresh ideas and creative approaches to building peace.

Michael Fryer – thinkbucket@gmail.com

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