Thinkbucket is back!

12 Dec

ThinkbucketYes indeed. Thinkbucket’s online presence is back! A number of years ago due to a lack of funding, a computer crash, distractions and general neglect, our lovely thinkbucket got some holes in it, developed some nasty rust patches and sank to the bottom of a deep, dark well. However, it has been recovered and skilled artisans have been crafting its repair.

In recent years the Thinkbucket team have returned to contribute to various conferences in Northern Ireland. We were always asked about our online presence, or lack of it. still exists and will hopefully be returned to its full glory soon. Sadly, we lost the vast majority of our online resources in The Great Thinkbucket Computer Crash of 2005. If you saved any of those we’d love to try and recover the archive.

We still think that there is a huge need for creative resources for peacebuilding practitioners and those working towards social change. We would love to be able to help provide those again at some point. In the meantime, our aim is to use this space to share creative approaches to peacebuilding from around the world. We view the concept of peace in very broad terms and will be sharing a wide range of ideas that help cultivate peace. We hope this is a space that acts as a catalyst for creativity. Your creativity. Amazing work is being doing across the world.

Thinkbucket exists in order to uncover it, explore it and share it.


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